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Despite a nasty crash on my bicycle 3 weeks prior and very aggressive physical therapy, I was able to get my Knee injury in enough condition (ran for the first time 3 days prior to race day) to drop out of the ½ Ironman distance and complete the Olympic distance. I can honestly say that the recovery was greatly shortened thanks to my sponsor’s Recovery Pump and First Endurance MultiV. I went from x-rays on my hips and knee and banged up pretty badly to racing with very satisfied results on the bike and run portions. Having the proper nutrients in my body and then a leg system that flushed the junk out daily really sped up the recover process.

Ok, so the swim portion was probably the worst swim I have EVER completed. I have a wall of swimmers in front of me that should not have been in the front and I could not get past the line they formed. Sorry folks, but this is not the place to “buddy” up with your friends and stick together. Do that on the run, but not when swimming and in effect creating a wall where faster swimmers cannot pass. In addition, this is where my body talked to me and said “Hey buddy, you do realize you have been eating doughnuts for the past 3 weeks and not exercising right?” The lungs were burning and I couldn’t believe how fatigued I was… this is usually a strength segment for me; Not today Zurg, not today! (Buzz Lightyear reference for those with kids).

I will say that the run was a great for my feet as well. Being very flat footed, I tend to get hot spots and other issues. The combination of using SBR Sports Triglide on my feet makes them perfectly setup for both the bike and run. I apply it before the swim, it stays on in the water (primary purpose is to make taking off the wetsuit easy and effortless) and despite the sand and road crap it only comes off with soap. I have to say, anytime I can go out and my feet aren’t a concern is a good result. Thanks SBR Sports for the fantastic products!

Finally, add the fact that I am pretty much a flatlander racer/training athlete. Lower Michigan isn’t exactly a mountaineers paradise. I do have a few hills I can climb, but nothing like Quassy’s repeated hill grades that go on for over a mile in each section. However… what I discovered is that I am actually a pretty good hill climber on both the bike and run! I thought I did decent in Knoxville, but was very happy with my performance considering my physical condition in Quassy. I give myself an A++ in that category since I was smart and far faster than usual for the terrain. I have to say however, that being able to go 48 mph downhill without peddling and passing other athletes FAR larger than myself is a major testament to the Kestrel 4000 SRAM Red. Fact is, I’m just not that good that I can say it was about my legs. It really helped in keeping me in a good pace/cadence and ready for fresh legs come running time.

So the course as usual was awesome! REV3 really has some great course layouts. I just love the scenery, but it was more difficult to take it in compared to Knoxville because the course seemed to be a constant turning scenario. It was challenging, yet just enough to make you push yourself and want to return next year to do better. I can’t wait till next year! Of course the family loved the amusement park venue and were either at the beach or on the rides the entire time. This really helps getting them to come and participate when you have 15 races in a season. Not only do I get burnt out, but so do they, so having entertainment for them is critical. They can’t wait for round 2 at Cedar Point.

Challenging but just enough to demand you come back again and give it another go


I was able to meet most of my teammates that I hadn’t already met in other races. What a great team and group of people! All I can say, is well done Carol on the choices. I had a great time chatting at the team dinner afterwards and hearing how Andy was crazy enough to do both the Oly & ½ back to back, hat’s off to your bro!

Niagara Falls & camping with family was the bonus/icing on the cake. I love the fact that we get to travel across the United States and stop at some of the greatest tourist attractions in the world! Going on the boat ride at Niagara Falls was fantastic!! The family has never been before and of course loved all that water. Camping is what we do and we are doing a ton of it this year. I think we have only been home on the weekend a total of 3 weeks since April. Good thing I have a break in races until July.

Quassy – ORevMiddlebury, CT



Cooper, Chad

Bib #:





Brighton, MI – USA




35-39 Male


Men 35-39, 40-44

Start Time:

6:49:27 AM


Total Time:







Scan Time

Segment Time

Segment Length






Swim Finish



7:15:36 AM


0.90 mi

01:48 min/hm


Swim Totals:


0.90 mi

01:48 min/hm






Scan Time

Segment Time

Segment Length






Bike Out



7:17:55 AM


Bike In



8:39:50 AM


25.68 mi

18.81 mph


Bike Totals:


25.68 mi

18.81 mph






Scan Time

Segment Time

Segment Length






Run Out



8:41:20 AM


Run Split 1



8:57:12 AM


2.10 mi

07:34 min/mi





9:33:18 AM


4.10 mi

08:48 min/mi


Run Totals:


6.20 mi

08:23 min/mi












  1. Garrett Sharp says:

    Great work there Chad!!! This blog is excellent. Thanks again for the feet soreness article:)

  2. Jeff Irvin says:

    Congrats Chad, way to bounce back from the crash! Are you doing the half or full at CP?

    • Chad says:

      I am doing the half CP. Instead of any Full IM’s this year I wanted to try 15 races, 7 of which are 1/2’s. I figured this would beat me up well enough this season.

  3. Jamie says:

    Great race Chad. It was good to meet you, even though it was quick.

    It looks like our splits were REALLY similar. If we were in the same wave, we would have been battling it out all morning, shoulder to shoulder.

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