REV3 Half Rev (1/2 Ironman) Knoxville stands out from the crowd

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Once again, REV3 Tri has created a phenomenal race venue where not only the racers enjoy the weekend, but the whole family is included. We’ll start with the end… since my son has been able to walk he has crossed countless finish lines with me over several years now. This race of course was no exception. What I love about REV3 Triathlon is that anyone can cross the finish line with you. The other company will disqualify you for such action. Having the family at the finish line is always a joy for me and this race stood out to me for many reasons.

  1. Location – Knoxville downtown is a refreshed and young person’s community these days. The finish line was at the World’s Fair which is a perfect location. You feel like a lot is going on and yet it has a secure perimeter so that you feel safe as well. Nice sidewalk paths, green park areas, water fountain all converted from the old rail station field.
  2. Course route – Riding about 26 miles outside of town and into the countryside you get a better flavor for the surrounding area as well. It’s one thing to visit for a weekend and hit the “tourist traps”, it’s something completely different to see the surrounding area and get a good feel of the community.
    1. Bike Route: A challenging course and some good climbs of 4.2 grades several times, so there was nothing easy about it. My gluteus muscles would not release until mile 40 FINALLY! Still, I was happy with a pace of 19 mph average through the course. Not bad for a person who pretty much only has flat training grounds.
      1. The scenery is what makes this race unbelievably awesome. It’s one thing to go out and crank hard on a race and get through it fast, it’s another to do that same exertion and have a huge smile on your face because the mountains are gorgeous! This is one sweet course in the spring time weather and lush mountainside. Best views on a race course to date!
  3. Kestrel – I have to say this was the first real longer race test for the 4000 SRAM Red machine! It performed as expected and really helped over my prior bicycles in the mountain area. Going down hills and not having to crank while others did to maintain a good speed was nice; opportunity to hydrate and recover. So far it’s been a fantastic bike.
  4. First Endurance – Hands down the best flavor grape nutrition on the market. I haven’t been able to do a race without at some point needing to transition to another product simply because I can’t take the same flavor for hours on end. These guys have got their science down and flavor in order. Love IT!!!

  1. Run: Again a challenging course because it’s pretty much flat for the Olympic distance and about 300 yards after the “Turn here for Olympic distance” the hills begin for the ½. They start with little climbs and make their way to some LONG climbs that repeat several times. Heading the opposite direction as the bike course (now going South West), you head down the Tennessee River and into some bike paths that lead into subdivisions. These aren’t your typical subdivision. Each house was on about 1 ½ – 2 acre parcels and the subdivision entryways were old confederate looking granite or concrete ½ circle walls and pillars. Quite a statement. The houses and properties looked like something straight out of a Hollywood film set. Gorgeous landscaping, mansion houses and their back yards were on the Tennessee River. Unlike anywhere I’ve seen to date, and believe me I’ve seen a lot.
    1. Foot action – What was nice about the run was that my feet were a non-issue. Nothing worse than being on a race and having something chaffing or causing discomfort. As I discussed in my prior blogs about getting the proper shoe fit, it pays dividends when you are out on the course. So the best thing I can say about AVIA is that I didn’t even notice my shoes in the course! I also have to thank SBR Sports Tri Slide for their product. I use it on my neck for wrist and ankles for the wetsuit and also on my feet for the run and bike. I spray it on before the swim and it stays on throughout the entire race! That’s impressive and I fear it would either wear off in the transitions or cause me to slip and fall; neither occur. No blisters, no chaffing, just happiness!!!

  1. Swim course – A bit chilly but no issues race day because they started once in the water pretty quickly. I was able to warm up a few minutes as well which makes a big difference for me. The course was supposedly 5 minutes longer than necessary, but I didn’t care and still came out in a respectable time compared to the others. I liked the course and it was cool how spectators could watch in many spots unlike others where you go way out and can’t see much.
    1. It’s usually the little things that you forget about or don’t know that over hours add up to big problems or discomforts along the race route. Like having goggles fog up; what a pain when you have elbows and feet going every which way and your trying to de-fog your goggles. Luckily, SBR Sports Foggle has not once let me down. This stuff works great, no fogging and I can see clearly throughout the race even it I get a foot in the face and it breaks the seal on my goggles. I can also testify that a wetsuit that is too tight in the arms and shoulders makes for a long swim. I honestly love my TYR Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit. It’s the first suit that gave me enough room in the arms and shoulders but it still tight. I don’t think you could drown in this thing, but I don’t want to try either.

  1. Camping: Always fun and even more now that we are in the posh 5th wheel. It is nice to come back to the comforts of a home away from home and be able to relax with all your stuff. You can’t do that easily in a hotel room. Volunteer Park Campground people are wonderful and friendly, but holy crap are they devoted to University of Tennessee! The upside is that the big rocks are also orange so you won’t hit the with the trailers. J
    1. What a difference to be able to relax in the leather recliner with my Recovery Pump and let my legs heal from the race. There is no way I’m giving back this product is they ask for it! Well worth the investment if you are in the market for recovering your legs after a workout or race. My legs are about 90% after an hour to 1 ½ hours on this device.


  1. Race results – Oh ya, here are the results. I was happy with the pace on the swim (subtract 5 minutes) and my bike pace. Unfortunately, I forgot my running fuel and that definitely impacted my run pace, but overall I loved the event so much that it didn’t really matter.

Race Results

HalfRevKnoxville, TN



Cooper, Chad

Bib #:




Brighton, MI – USA




35-39 Male


Wave 1: Men 35-39, 40-44

Start Time:

7:30:22 AM


Total Time:






Scan Time

Segment Time

Segment Length






Swim Finish



8:10:06 AM


1.20 mi

02:03 min/hm


Swim Totals:


1.20 mi

02:03 min/hm






Scan Time

Segment Time

Segment Length






Bike Out



8:12:49 AM


Bike Split 1



8:42:20 AM


9.50 mi

19.31 mph


Bike Split 2



10:35:12 AM


36.00 mi

19.14 mph


Bike In



11:12:07 AM


10.50 mi

17.06 mph


Bike Totals:


56.00 mi

18.74 mph






Scan Time

Segment Time

Segment Length






Run Out



11:13:47 AM


Run Split 1



11:39:07 AM


2.80 mi

09:03 min/mi


Run Split 2



12:10:50 PM


3.50 mi

09:04 min/mi


Run Split 3



12:43:33 PM


3.20 mi

10:13 min/mi





1:16:53 PM


3.60 mi

09:16 min/mi


Run Totals:


13.10 mi

09:24 min/mi












  1. Colleen Kingery says:

    Awesome write up! It was great meeting you, your wife, and your son! 🙂 Congrats on a great race!

  2. Jeff Irvin says:

    Excellent report! Some serious wordpress skills going on here!!

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