Stuart & Tim’s Crazy Eight Christmas Charity Run

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

So Stuart & Tim in their charitable hearts and wisdom decided they would coordinate a charity race. Only one problem, they meant to have it around Thanksgiving and not when it was 12 Degrees out!


OK, so it is too cold to go running, but do you think that would stop a bunch of guys trying to win the pot for their charity of choice? Nope is right, the cold simply must have gotten to our brains. Hey, I would love to win and get to take the winnings towards my charity.

So off we went to complete a nice little 8 miler in the snow. It was cold and took me a good 5 miiles to get my legs going. It didn’t help that I had a sports massage and had my hamstrings stripped the day before I suppose.

All for a good cause and we DID have fun. Well done Stuart & Tim! Plus I got to see an American Bald Eagle taking and flying around.Winking smile

Winter Joggers

Map picture
  1. Jeff says:

    That is brutal! Good for you getting out in that cold.

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