REV3 Cedar Point 2010 Full Rev Ironman distance

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Inaugural event location at Cedar Point for Rev3. It was a perfect location for spectators since they could be entertained at the park, come out and cheer on their family member/friends and then head back into the park. The race was awesome! I took 9th in the swim segment, 28th in the bike segment, and 23rd in the run. I would have finished stronger, but sometimes you can’t help it when 20mph winds hit you head on the last 32 miles of the biking! I paced myself for the run and was doing great up until mile 14 when my kidneys were telling me I was way to dehydrated. I walked for a bit and got myself back in condition to run. I ran the last 10 miles again and increased my pace dramatically. I finished feeling strong and that was important to me.

When I crossed the line, my stomach was not up for a steak or anything complex, so I went for the Marathon Protein bar and that was like candy! The clothing really stood out and was very comfortable throughout.

I highly recommend this event for others! I have video coverage crossing the finish line as well as other photos.



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