Race for Recovery 1/2 Ironman

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sunday, June 06, 2010

City of event:


State of event: ( CA, NY, etc.)


Competition Type:

Triathlon 1/2 Ironman


Age group finish:

75 of 139

Overall finish:

91 of 300

Finish time:


Approximate # of Participants:


The odds were against all of us! For myself, I was just coming off a full marathon 6 days prior. We camped at the event park overnight not knowing what weather was coming. I got only 4 hours of sleep due to some terrible weather conditions. We had massive rain, gale-force winds, tornado’s, and in the morning thousands of May flies! A tornado touched down just miles from our site. The course was devastated. The Buoy’s were blown to Canada; the bike and run course had huge trees down. The run course had to be completely redesigned. The bike course was a mess! Headwinds and rain on the bike segment of up to 25 mph! Needless to say, it was a go and we went forward. I enjoyed the event and everyone had a splendid time. It was tough and I’ll remember this one for some time.

Frankly, I was tired and worn out before the race began due to the weather challenges. I couldn’t drink anymore of my liquid nutrition/fuel about 3/4 through the bike course. I just had enough of the bland flavor. I needed something solid and flavorful. I didn’t have a PB&J sandwich so I reached for my Marathon Bar early and bit in. While everything else was a battle, this simple bar was a small relief of something that can be right and good. It would be nice to have an easy tear off ability for situations like mine rather than risking a crash to open a package. Otherwise, was a delightful fuel mechanism. Onto the next in the race season; this one prepared me for anything else that could be difficult.



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